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47 Companies Sued in Asbestos Case

Charleston, WV – A woman is suing 47 defendant companies in a case relating to asbestos exposure that allegedly caused the death of her father.

Mr. Phillip Ohlinger was diagnosed by his doctors with asbestos-related lung cancer in March, the suit says. He passed away on 9th July, the lawsuit filed on 30th July in Kanawha County Circuit Court says.

Ann Ohlinger says he smoked a pack of cigarettes each day from year 1950 to 2003, but gave up that habit then. The defendant companies exposed Mr. Phillip Ohlinger to hazardous asbestos at the time of his employment as a sales man, furnance stoker, maintenance worker, and laborer between 1953 and 1992, the lawsuit says.

Ann Ohlinger says the defendant companies negligently exposed her husband to dangerous asbestos products, in spite of their knowledge that asbestos can cause fatal cancer. The companies are also being sued based upon the theories of contaminated buildings, violation of warranty (expressed and implied), deliberate or intentional tort, strict product liability, misrepresentation, conspiracy and post-sale responsibility to warn, according to the suit.

Additionally, some companies are being sued as owners of premises and also as employers of Mr. Philip Ohlinger for intentional / deliberate tort, according to the lawsuit.

Ann Ohlinger is asking for a court trail for resolving the issues he has specified in the lawsuit. Victoria Antion, Scott McGee, and Anne McGinness, 3 lawyers with prominent law firm Motley Rice, and Christopher Tenoglia, an attorney from Pomeroy, Ohio, are representing the plaintiff in this case. The case will be presided over by a visiting judge.

3M Co; A.W. Chesterton Co; Air & Liquid Systems Corp; Ajax Magnethermic Corp; American Electric Power Service Corp; Beazer East Incorporated; Brand Insulations Incorporated; Catalytic Construction Co; Caterpillar Incorporated; and Certainteed Corp are the companies named as defendants in this case.

The fact that asbestos exposure can cause severe diseases such as lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma was not known to the public until the 1980s. So, asbestos was extensively used as a construction and industrial material until the 1980s. The government started regulating the material after that. However, it is not fully banned in the United States. Exposure to asbestos and inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause respiratory problems, asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer later in life. Asbestos-related diseases usually take decades to start showing their symptoms. But, once appeared, asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma kill its victims within a year.