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Asbestos Abatement Ongoing at New Haven Courthouse

New Haven, CT – Those who have walked or worked in downtown New Haven might have noticed the construction works at the Elm Street Superior Courthouse structure. The work includes abatement of asbestos from construction materials.

People who are working in the courthouse were curious to understand why they weren’t informed of the removal of asbestos if it is actually dangerous to health.

Red tape labels have been placed indicating dangerous asbestos hazard, hanging above huge trash bags. Those bags are place just a few feet away from stairs. All through the day, people use those stairs for getting in and out the superior courthouse located on Elm St.

Similar bags were also found sitting above the walkway on the Church St. side of the structure, a portion busy with walkers. “If signs were there indicating the presence of asbestos, definitely I would try my level best to avoid that area,” a resident said.

The renovation project in the New Haven courthouse is overseen by the state. The project also includes removal of some materials containing asbestos.

According to some reports, though bags have been labeled about asbestos danger, they are unseen behind a covering. Therefore, those who just pass through the area wound not notice it.

According to the health codes for asbestos removal projects, signs must be posted that meet all the specifications set out at everyone coming to the area. However, this project doesn’t fall under these guidelines. The reason is that asbestos which is getting removed there is trapped inside the other materials. It can’t be airborne. This means, it does not pose a health concern for the public. Asbestos is dangerous only if its fibers become airborne.

Asbestos consists of numerous tiny fibers that are not visible to naked eyes. These fibers become airborne when the material is deteriorated, damaged, broken or disturbed, which means the fibers of asbestos are released into the air. Anyone passes through that area could breathe in these fibers. Once breathed in, these fibers stay on the lungs for long without any damage. The problems usually start several decades after the inhalation. Asbestos fibers can cause scarring in the lungs. This condition is known as asbestosis. Asbestosis is usually terminal. The fibers can also cause development of tumors on mesothelium, the thin protective lining of the lungs. The condition is known as mesothelioma. Medical science has so far been unable to find an effective cure for mesothelioma.