Undefined Asbestos Trust Funds

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You may also view activeinactive and proposed asbestos trust funds too.

Company NameBankruptcy FiledReorganization ConfirmedTrust Established
Shipbuilding Inc.
Bondex International Inc./Specialty Products Holding Corp.2010n.y.cTrust
not yet named
Brunswick Fabricators1997Unknown
Christy Refractories2008n.y.c.
Dana Corporation20062007
Delaware Insulations19891992
Durable Manufacturing Co.2010n.y.cWhether
a trust will be established is uncertain
Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC2010n.y.c.Trust
not yet named
Gatke Corp.19871991
General Motors2009n.y.cWhether a trust will be established is uncertain
Harnischfeger Corp.19992001
Hercules Chemical20082009
Hillsborough Holding Co.19891995
Kentile Floors19921998
Lloyd E. Mitchell Co.2006Unknown
Murphy Marine Services20012002
Nicolet, Inc.19871989
Oglebay Norton Co. (ONCO)20042004
Plant Insulation Co.2009n.y.c.
Special Electric20042006
Special Metals Corp.20022003
Standard Insulations, Inc.19861992
Todd Shipyards1987Unknown
Waterman Steamship Corp19831986

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