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Asbestos Exposure Leaves Georgia Workers, Volunteers Fearing Mesothelioma

Imagine volunteering to work on a good work — helping to build a public housing project for those less fortunate than yourself — only to find out months later that in the process you were exposed to asbestos, and that now you’re at risk for malignant mesothelioma or some other asbestos-related disease. Imagine how helpless, frustrated and angry you would be. According to a local news report out of the state of Georgia, that is exactly what happened to both volunteers and workers several months ago. And what makes the story worse is the fact that the East Georgia Housing Authority was aware of the presence of asbestos and did nothing about it.

According to a report from WRDW, the Director of the East Georgia Housing Authority was aware of the presence of asbestos, and even signed off on documents ordering an asbestos inspection and a note indicating that volunteers and workers should not come into contact with what was present, yet she took no action to protect or warn them about their risk of mesothelioma. Kelly Evans now claims that she knew nothing about it, yet there is a paper trail proving that she did, and those who were exposed do not know where to turn. Though workers on the project have been promised medical care by pulmonary specialists, that too has not come to pass. Seven months have gone by since the entire story came to light.

Of particular concern to J.J Cooper, one of those who worked to gut the asbestos-contaminated house in Thompson Georgia, is the fear of second hand asbestos exposure and the very real chance that his kids could also be at risk for mesothelioma. “When I left that property, I went home to my kids. I mean I can play it over like yesterday. When they see me, they run to daddy, jump in my arms. Now, I’m holding them. They’re breathing the fibers that’s on my clothes,” said Cooper.

Because mesothelioma has such a long latency period, it is almost impossible for those who were exposed to asbestos on the site to know whether they have been affected or not. They will have to wait years to see whether their good deed had any health repercussions. “Everybody, EPA, OSHA, everybody says one fiber can cause a problem. My biggest fear is, later on, something does come about,” said Cooper.

Being exposed to asbestos puts you at lifelong risk for mesothelioma. If you have been diagnosed with this fatal form of cancer or any other asbestos-related disease and you need legal guidance, contact us today at 1-800-966-2244.