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Mesothelioma News

Asbestos Exposure Results in Lung Cancer and Death

A family from Jefferson County has filed a lawsuit against a company that allegedly exposed their deceased patriarch to toxic asbestos fibers.

Virginia Furlong, the wife of the deceased William R Furlong; and Helen F Moity, the daughter; have filed a lawsuit against EI Dupont De Nemours & Company on 14th February in Jefferson County Dist. Court.

The plaintiffs allege that Dupont intentionally exposed William R Furlong to dangerous, cancer-causing, dusts containing asbestos while he was working with the defendant’s work facility located in Beaumont, Texas.

According to the lawsuit, Mr. Furlong developed malignant mesothelioma and died from the disease in year 2012. Furlong’s widow and his daughter want Dupont to be held accountable for the death of William R Furlong.

The family is seeking at least $100000 in compensatory damages in addition to costs.

Darren Brown, an attorney with law firm Provost & Umphrey will represent the plaintiffs.

In another issue, a Pennsylvania (PA) resident has filed a lawsuit against his previous employers, citing occupational asbestos exposure.

The lawsuit was filed by Milton Schuster Sr. in the Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit names the following companies as defendants: CBS Corp; Crane Co; Foster-Wheeler Corp; General Electric Co; General Electric Co Switchgear Dept; General Electric Capital Corp; General Electric Capital Corp; Goulds Pumps Incorporated; Honeywell Intl (also called Allied Signal); John Crane Co; Ingersoll-Rand Co; Houdaille Incorporated; John Crane Incorporated; Owens Illinois Incorporated; Warren Pumps Incorporated; and Union Carbide Corp.

According to Schuster, he was regularly exposed to toxic fibers of asbestos while working around the products designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, sold, or used by the defendant companies between 1954 and 1985. According to the suit, Schuster had been working as a machinist.

Schuster was diagnosed by his doctors with asbestos-related lung cancer on 12th December, 2013, according to the complaint. The plaintiff says his disease is a direct result of his exposure to various asbestos-containing products. He says the defendant companies are legally responsible for his present devastating condition. According to Schuster, he did not know that exposure to asbestos products could result in diseases such as cancer. His employers never warned him either, the lawsuit states. Schuster claims that the defendants failed to protect him and other workers from breathing in the carcinogenic fibers of asbestos.

Pennsylvania attorneys Melanie Garner and Michael Leh are representing Schuster.