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Alaska Mesothelioma Lawyer

Alaska is home to many industries that use asbestos-containing products and materials. In addition to what is manufactured and used, there are also naturally occurring asbestos minerals in Alaska. When inhaled, the asbestos fibers attach themselves to the lining of the lungs (pleura) and begin to either scar the tissues or develop into mesothelioma (cancer of the lung lining).

Asbestos manufacturers have known for decades about the health risks involved with working around and being exposed to the fibers. However, they failed to disclose pertinent information about asbestos to the general public and employers did not take preventative and protective measures to ensure employee safety. Consequently, those who have been affected by asbestos may be entitled to significant compensation. Contact our leading Alaska mesothelioma lawyers today for more information and for a free case consultation promptly.

Jobs with Asbestos Exposure in Alaska

Alaska is an already asbestos-rich area, particularly throughout the Panhandle region with its asbestos deposits. Towns such as Glennallen even contained friable asbestos which crumbles easily, making it one of the most dangerous types of asbestos. The easier it is to disturb the asbestos, the more likely it will release its fibers into the air to be inhaled.

Occupations for native Alaskans that are at high risk for asbestos exposure are typically jobs in pulp mills, shipyards, seafood processing plants, and marine repair facilities. If you worked in any of these industries (though the list may not include the possibility of all other exposure sites), then you have more than likely been exposed to asbestos.

Where You May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos in Alaska


  • Seward Ships Dry Dock

Power Plants

  • Bernice Lake Powerhouse
  • Mantuska Electric
  • Chugach Electric
  • Aurora Power
  • Carl E. Bailey Generating Station
  • Golden Valley Power Plant

Legal Resources for Alaska

The discovery rule in place for the state of Alaska allows you the ability to file suit for injuries or claims that led to physical damages even years after exposure, as it can take considerable time for any mesothelioma symptoms to arise after the latency period. Alaska has a statute of limitations of two years from the time of initial diagnosis of mesothelioma to file your claim.