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Kansas is predominantly an agricultural state, and there are less than four mines in the entire state, which results in less asbestos-induced fatalities than in other states. There are, however, power plants and oil refineries in Kansas. Asbestos fibers are small and cheap. This is why many opt to use asbestos fibers in their products due to the low costs. Asbestos is often used in the manufacturing of other products. The power plants and older buildings in Kansas more than likely contained asbestos.

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Jobs with Asbestos Exposure in Kansas

Although mining is a great source of asbestos exposure, not many mines existed in the state of Kansas. Miners who are exposed to asbestos have a high risk of exposing their friends and family through the asbestos found on their clothing. This is known as secondhand exposure. In addition to those who worked in the Kansas mines, those employed at the oil refineries were also at risk for asbestos exposure. These refineries typically used asbestos insulation to wrap pipes. Due to its heat and flame resistance, asbestos was ideal for oil refinery use.

Popular among power plants, asbestos provided the affordable insulation to wrap pipes and other electrical equipment. Providing electricity to millions of homes across the state of Kansas, power plants are continuously running and are in constant need of insulation that is not flammable.

The construction industry has a history of asbestos usage when constructing both commercial and residential structures. The buildings in Kansas used asbestos insulation. These buildings also included Government buildings and other public places such as hospitals and schools. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now requires that inspections for all construction projects be checked for asbestos.

Asbestos-Related Deaths in Kansas

Over 350 deaths have been caused by asbestos in the state of Kansas. Of the total, over 90 deaths were from asbestosis (scarring of the lungs), and the remainder was due to mesothelioma (cancer of the lung’s lining). Asbestosis is not malignant and can usually be treated. However, mesothelioma is malignant and will metastasize, causing cancer to spread to other organs and parts of the body.