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Resistant to heat and fire, asbestos was the top choice of insulation for power plants, shipyards, and the metal works industries. Not only did asbestos provide excellent insulation, but it was also relatively inexpensive. Mississippi’s shipyards and power plants more than likely use asbestos as insulation in all their locations.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, we encourage to contact our leading Mississippi mesothelioma lawyers today for a free, confidential case consultation. Keep in mind that you may be entitled to substantial compensation.

Jobs with Asbestos Exposure in Mississippi

As with most other states, Mississippi’s construction industry also uses asbestos-containing products. Hundreds of construction workers are at risk for exposure while on the job. The construction industry typically uses asbestos-containing products for insulation, cement and possibly even drywall. Construction workers are constantly at risk every time they build, destroy or remodel any structure with asbestos-containing materials.

The power plant industry and oil industry both rely heavily on asbestos materials to provide the fireproofing necessary to keep their daily operations running and their workers safe. Ironically, the same fireproofing aspect of asbestos may protect their workers from fire, but at the same time leaves them vulnerable to exposure and even the development of mesothelioma.

The two main shipyards in Mississippi, Ingalls and Naval Station in Pascagoula have been building ships since before World War II, and more than likely contain asbestos. Asbestos found in these shipyards, when disturbed, is released into the air and leaves hundreds of workers at risk for exposure. Over the years, many were not aware of the dangers caused by asbestos, nor did they even know they were working around asbestos.

Asbestos-Related Deaths in Mississippi

Deaths in Mississippi that were caused by asbestos-exposure were primarily from either asbestosis or mesothelioma. Asbestosis is the scarring of the lungs, which constricts lung movement. Mesothelioma is a rare form of lung cancer that affects the lining of the lungs. Like other cancers, mesothelioma can metastasize from the tumor to organs and other parts of the body.

In the state of Mississippi, mesothelioma deaths are less common than asbestosis. However, mesothelioma is much more aggressive. With asbestosis, the disease can develop and take years before becoming fatal, whereas mesothelioma cancer can metastasize in just months or even weeks until it is at a late stage in cancer where treatments can no longer contain the cancer cell growth.

Legal Resources for Mississippi

In Harold’s Auto Parts, Inc. v. Flower Mangialardi, et al., there were 264 plaintiffs involved, all claiming they had suffered asbestos exposure from over 500 workplaces over a 75-year span. When many plaintiffs are consolidated together in one lawsuit, it is generally referred to as a class action suit. Although it is deemed acceptable that each plaintiff decides to band together against the asbestos manufacturers, they can also opt to pursue a more individualized lawsuit on their own.

Mississippi statutes allow you three years to file a personal injury claim or wrongful death. Due to mesothelioma’s latency period from the time of exposure to the time you are diagnosed, this particular statute may not apply.

The statute of limitations in the state of Mississippi for an asbestos case can be different from personal injury statutes. Contact our leading Mississippi mesothelioma attorneys today and let us help you determine if you have a potential case with a free, no-obligation legal evaluation.