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Ohio Mesothelioma Lawyer

Ohio has not only power plants, but also oil refineries and shipyards. All have had asbestos issues in the past. Of course, the construction industry has always been linked to asbestos use.

Asbestos is popular among industries because it is inexpensive and it is resistant to heat, as well as fire. This makes the product popular among metal works and power plants as it can also be woven into a fabric to make fireproof protective gear for workers to wear.

If you’ve been affected by asbestos exposure, we encourage you to contact our experienced Ohio mesothelioma lawyers. We offer a free, confidential legal consultation promptly.

Jobs with Asbestos Exposure in Ohio

The power plants are responsible for most, if not all, asbestos exposure that takes place in Ohio. The Cardinal Station and David Besse Nuclear Plant employ hundreds to work in their facilities. Within those facilities, the pipe insulation may contain asbestos due to its ability to resist fire and heat.

Shipyards in Ohio have a high risk of worker asbestos exposure. Thousands of vessels have been demolished and built in these shipyards. Asbestos-containing products were commonly used in the construction of these ships from the 1930s until the 1980s. When asbestos is disturbed, the fibers are released into the air exposing individuals to the deadly particles.

Oil refineries such as BP Amoco and Shell Oil also contained asbestos. Most of the asbestos in an oil refinery is in the insulation and pipe fittings. The asbestos insulation helps keep the chemicals heated at the right temperature as it is turned into gasoline from the crude oil that is drilled in the ground.

A.K. Steel Holding Corporation manufactured steel products and used asbestos to help protect against fire and heat since asbestos is a nonflammable material. Insulation composed of asbestos was commonly used in these metal works plants to save the employees from risks of fire. What they never realized was saving the employees from a fire with asbestos products meant putting them at higher risk for developing mesothelioma or other asbestos-induced diseases instead.

Where You May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos in Ohio

Metal Works

  • Cold Metal Products
  • LTV Steel
  • McDonald Steel
  • A.K. Steel Holding
  • Marion Steel Co.

Power Plants

  • Conesville Generating
  • Miskingum River Plant
  • Walter D. Beckjord
  • W.H. Sammis Power
  • Cardinal Station
  • David Besse Nuclear
  • Perry Nuclear


  • American Shipbuilding

Legal Resources for Ohio

Ohio statute allows you two years to file a personal injury claim based upon proof of negligence on behalf of the asbestos manufacturers and/or your employers. Due to mesothelioma’s latency period from the time of exposure to the time you are diagnosed, this particular statute may not apply.

Remember to contact our experienced Ohio mesothelioma attorneys as soon as possible. Once your statute of limitations passes in Ohio, you’ll be unable to file a claim. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation case consultation.