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Wyoming Mesothelioma Lawyer

Sparsely populated for a state so large in size, Wyoming has deposits of naturally occurring asbestos that runs through the state. Fortunately, these deposits have not been mined, and there are no known asbestos disturbances. In addition to naturally occurring asbestos in Wyoming, shipments of these fibers have also been imported into the state. Asbestos was in popular demand at one point, due to its heat and fire resistance.

If you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related illness, keep in mind that you may be eligible for compensation. Contact our top Wyoming mesothelioma attorneys today for a confidential, no-obligation legal consultation.

Jobs with Asbestos Exposure in Wyoming

Energy is a necessity in Wyoming, as it is in other states, but what many may not be aware of is the high-volume of asbestos inside each plant. Boilers, pipes, and insulation products are among many asbestos-containing materials found inside a power plant.

Due to the affordability of the asbestos-containing products, many power plants have opted to utilize these materials to construct the power plants themselves. This means that employees are exposed to asbestos by just merely showing up to work and entering the power plant’s premises.

The construction industry across the United States used many asbestos-containing products as well. This is no different in the state of Wyoming. Many construction workers face the risk of asbestos exposure through cement mixtures, pipe gaskets, pipe fittings, and insulation.

Oil refineries in Wyoming employ hundreds of workers who are at risk for asbestos exposure. The protective gear worn by many workers at the refineries are often made of asbestos due to its ability to resist both heat and fire. For the same reason, asbestos is used in protective gear, asbestos is used in insulation to wrap around refinery pipelines.

Where You May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos in Wyoming

  • Green River Power
  • David Johnson Power
  • Jim Bridger Power
  • Gillette Coal Plant

Asbestos-Related Deaths in Wyoming

Since 1979, there were nearly 70 asbestos-related deaths in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming is the state with the second least amount of asbestos fatalities, such as mesothelioma.

Legal Resources for Wyoming

Wyoming statute allows you four years to file a personal injury claim based upon proven negligence on behalf of the asbestos manufacturers and/or your employers. Our leading Wyoming mesothelioma lawyers will be happy to assist you in filing your claim. Remember to contact us as soon as possible for a free, private case consultation.