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Mesothelioma News

Two Asbestos Plaintiffs File Lawsuits in St. Clair County

Two more lawsuits have been added recently to the asbestos docket of St. Clair County.

Nicole Lockett, a Tulsa (OK) resident, has filed an asbestos suit on 27th February in the circuit court, naming 21 businesses as defendants. The second one was filed by Betty Crutchfield, a Lake City (IL) resident. Crutchfield also filed the suit on 27th February. The suit names 41 corporations as defendants.

In her suit, Lockett accuses that the defendant businesses caused Randle Lockett Sr. – a recently deceased asbestos victim – to develop malignant mesothelioma by exposing him to various asbestos products all through his career. Randle Lockett Sr. is the father of the plaintiff. According to the suit, the father of Randle Locket Sr.’s worked in the U.S. military at various sites repairing and maintaining silos.

In her suit, Betty Crutchfield alleges that the defendant corporations caused late Donald Crutchfield Sr. to develop fatal lung cancer by exposing him to different asbestos products all through his employment.

The defendant companies knew or should’ve known regarding the dangerous features of asbestos, the plaintiffs allege. However, they failed to provide enough caution and care for the safety of workers such as Crutchfield and Lockett, the suits allege.

Because of their devastating asbestos-linked ailments, Donald Crutchfield and Rand Lockett became physically disabled and disfigured. Additionally, they incurred substantial medical expenses and suffered immense physical pain, mental agony and emotional anguish, according to the complaints. Their conditions prevented them from pursuing the normal course of employments and thus they lost large amounts of money which would’ve accrued to them otherwise, the suits claim. Both the plaintiffs died from their asbestos-related conditions, according to the plaintiffs.

Regular exposure to asbestos fibers could result in devastating conditions such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

In her suit, Ms. Lockett is asking for a judgement of in excess of $50000 and compensatory damages in excess of $200000. She is also seeking punitive amounts for punishing the defendant businesses for their wrongdoings. Additionally, Lockett is asking for other relief to which she could be entitled.

In her lawsuit, Betty Crutchfield is asking for a judgement of in excess of $300000 and compensatory damages of in excess of $100000. In addition, she is asking for punitive damages in an amount enough to punish the companies for their illegal conduct. She is also seeking other relief that the court deems appropriate.