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Asbestos Victim’s Family to Seek Compensation

A Devon asbestos victim’s family is starting a legal fight to win compensation.

Charles Passmore, who worked at SW Gas sites in Swindon and Barnstaple in 1950s and 60s, died after developing an asbestos-linked illness. Passmore passed away last year when he was 82 years old.

Passmore’s family says they thought working there could’ve meant he came in touch with hazardous asbestos. National Grid, the company that owns SW Gas, says that they are ready to conduct a complete investigation if contacted.

Kevin Passmore, the son of Mr. Charles Passmore, said it was really shock to know that his father had asbestosis.

Kevin said there is anger, upset and shock and that it was just recently that he picked up his father’s ashes.

Charles Passmore died from asbestos-related cancer, caused by his regular exposure to asbestos fibers, on 19th December, according to the office of the Swindon Coroner. Passmore worked for SW Gas at Barbican Rd in Barnstaple between 1957 and 1959 as a stoker. Between 1960 and 1970, he performed the very same job at the company’s Gypsy Ln site, Swindon.

Passmore’s family is now requesting his former colleagues at SW Gas in Gypsy Ln and Barnstaple to come forward and help them collect the details regarding the presence of asbestos in those sites.

Brigitte Chandler, a lawyer with Swindon-based law firm ‘Charles Lucas and Marshall’, which represents the family of Passmore in this case, said symptoms of asbestos-linked diseases usually takes 2 to 6 decades to appear. But, once appeared, they kill victims in a year or 2, he said. Chandler said his law firm is keen to talk with anybody who is able to confirm that asbestos was present at the SW Gas sites when Mr. Passmore was working there.

In a recent statement, National Grid (SW Gas Company’s successor) said they had not got any correspondence from the family of Mr. Passmore. However, National Grid said, they are ready to conduct a thorough investigation into the issue if the family contact the company.

Asbestos is a mineral occurring in the nature. It has so many good features such as high strength, durability, ductility, resistance to heat, electricity and fire etc. Asbestos is a very cheap material as well. Such wonderful features made it very popular among industries. Almost all industries used asbestos extensively until the 1980s. Its use became regulated and restricted as the hazards associated with asbestos exposure became known.