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Asbestosis Victim Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

Charleston, West Virginia – A man from Matewan has filed a lawsuit against 55 defendant firms in a case connected to an asbestos-related lung injury. He says the firms are legally responsible for the injury he is suffering from.

On 17th March, Charles W Dawson received the diagnosis of asbestosis, a lawsuit filed on 12th February in Kanawha County Circuit Court says.

According to Dawson, the defendant firms negligently exposed him and other workers to asbestos, a deadly carcinogen, and to different products containing asbestos during his jobs at a variety of work sites all through the West Virginia between year 1960 and 2010.

According to Dawson, he has never smoked cigarettes in his life. Therefore, the only cause for his present condition should be asbestos exposure, the suit says.

The companies were totally negligent in exposing the workers to dangerous materials such as asbestos, Dawson says. The companies were fully aware of the harmful features of the material, but never warned Dawson or his co-workers regarding them, the suit states. The employers are supposed to provide sufficient warning to the workers before allowing them to deal with asbestos or products containing asbestos. Also they must provide the workers with adequate protective devices so that they won’t be exposed to the toxic fibers of asbestos. However, the defendant companies failed to do this as well, according to Dawson’s lawsuit.

Dawson says he was not aware of the risks associated with asbestos exposure while handling the substance regularly as part of his job. He was never warned about the risks either, the suit states.

The defendant firms are also accused of misrepresentation and conspiracy.

Asbestosis is a severe breathing disorder resulted by breathing in asbestos fibres. Continued accumulation of microscopic asbestos fibers in lungs could cause scarring of the lung tissue as well as trouble breathing. Symptoms of asbestosis could be mild or severe. The problem is that they generally do not appear till several decades after the asbestos exposure which makes the early diagnosis of the disease almost impossible.

Dawson is asking for a jury trial for resolving the issues he has cited. An attorney from James F. Humphreys and Associates will represent him in the case.

3M Co; Aleris International; A.W. Chesterton Co; Borg-Warner Corp; Brand Insulations; CBS Corp; Certainteed Corp; Cleaver Brooks Co; Copes-Vulcan; and Columbus McKinnon Corp are some of the defendant companies named in the lawsuit.