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Testimonials from Past Mesothelioma Clients

"Our mesothelioma cancer lawyers have helped mesothelioma victims and families in numerous ways, such as providing encouragement during the difficult time after a mesothelioma diagnosis, helping clients find the best treatment centers and helping to recover substantial compensation for individuals and their families.

When I came to Danziger and De Llano I was out of work and didn't even know I had a case. I knew I needed help and other attorneys wanted money up front. When my case settled for millions, it changed my life. I don't know where I would be today if they hadn't stepped in. Twelve years later, I am still grateful and consider them friends.
– David F.

"Paul & Rod & Staff:
There aren't enough words to describe how much our family appreciates everything you have done for us since we met 4 years ago. I feel a very special bond between us that will continue for a very long time
– Marilyn & Family

"The claim that Danziger & De Llano made resulted in payments that have allowed me to secure my retirement and set up a fund for my grandchildren. With the amount left over, our family plans to make a charitable donation.
– L. Farwell

"It keeps me focused because I'm still helping people. I wouldn't be able to help others without the firm. The firm has been amazing. I wouldn&#39:t know what to do without any of them.
– Doug Dellinger, UT

"From the first phone call through meetings at our home, depositions and the entire claim process, your firm and its people were absolutely wonderful. They were sensitive to our needs, answering all our questions and working diligently on our behalf. We're extremely impressed and grateful.
– Sharrie and Donald (last name withheld), Redding, CA (Duff)

"Through all of that, our lawyer stayed in constant contact. He was truly instrumental in making my husband feel someone cared enough to do battle for him, to sleuth out every detail of his work life and to know he mattered. That his years of hard work (he was an electrician, a craftsman and well respected in his field) wasn't going to be for naught. He may not live long enough to enjoy retirement and the many, many things that go along with that, but what he did know was this: The law firm we retained would go to bat for him, would set things right, as much as possible, and that he knew in his heart it wasn't just about the money. It's about making companies realize they cannot use human beings any more just to make money. If you don't take care of your people, you will be held accountable.
– Shirley Coker-Kleve, Port Angeles, WA

"The firm has been wonderful. They not only have given us encouragement, but they have called social security, located doctors for Dino and found treatment centers in Maryland for us.
– The Family of Dino Marioni, Belmar, NJ

"Thank you for your kindness and expression of sympathy shown during the passing of William. It is greatly appreciated. – The Family of William Potchoiba, Wood-Ridge, NJ