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Cancer Moonshot Initiative Offers Real Hope for a Mesothelioma Cure

The search for a cure for malignant mesothelioma is complicated by several difficult realities. The aggressive and fatal form of cancer has proven to be particularly resistant to the various treatment protocols that have used successfully in other cancers. That challenge is combined with the fact that the disease is so extremely rare. With only about 3,000 people diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, there is not much of a public outcry for research money to be dedicated to finding a cure, and even when the funding is there, it is difficult to test innovative treatments when the pool of participants for clinical trials is so small. That’s why the Cancer Moonshot 2020 initiative is cause for such hope among those in the mesothelioma community.

For mesothelioma patients and researchers alike, the Cancer Moonshot 2020 initiative that was introduced during the administration of President Barack Obama and is headed up by former Vice President Joe Biden offers a chance for real progress to be made in the search for a cure. The moonshot provides a billion dollar in funds as well as a framework that allows researchers to move more quickly, more aggressively, and more collaboratively to find cures for cancer, including the rare types like mesothelioma that infrequently garner the kind of funding that is needed to make a real difference. Among the many different areas that the moonshot is designed to advance is the use of targeted immunotherapy, which has already proven effective in treating other challenging forms of cancer.

In addition to the therapies themselves, the cancer moonshot program is working to allow researchers faster access to new medications for testing in clinical settings, as well as more efficient ways for information to be shared among researchers from participating agencies. The initiative has made partners out of a diverse group of stakeholders, including tech companies that are easing the ability to share information in the cloud, research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and the researchers that rely on all of them.

The work that is being done by the Cancer Moonshot 2020 program is important to everybody who has a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer, and perhaps especially to those with lesser-known conditions like mesothelioma that sometimes get lost in the research crowd.

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