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Day in Court Leads to Victory for Pennsylvania Teacher with Mesothelioma

One of the most challenging aspects of a mesothelioma diagnosis is often figuring out exactly where your illness came from. Though it helps to know that the disease is caused exclusively by exposure to asbestos, because so many years generally pass between exposure and a mesothelioma diagnosis that victims who did not work in obviously contaminated environments – like insulators or construction workers – are sometimes left scratching their heads trying to figure out how it happened.  This was not the case with the late Marianne M. Geier, who had taught school for one year for the Pittsburgh School District. Though fifty years had gone by, when Mrs. Geier was diagnosed with mesothelioma in October of 2013 she clearly remembered that during the one year she taught math at South  High School, from the fall of 1958 through the summer of 1959, her classroom had a floor-to-ceiing steam pipe that was fitted with a covering to protect against heat. She also remembered that repairs were made to that covering using materials whose bags were marked with the word “asbestos“. She also remembered that the same bags were lying around the hallways of the school, where the material in them was used to make other repairs.

Mrs. Geier died from malignant mesothelioma in July of 2016, but before she did she filed a lawsuit against the Pittsburgh School District’s Board of Public Education for failing to provide her with a safe work environment. The school district argued that the case should be dismissed because they were entitled to governmental immunity from the duty to protect their employees. The case was recently heard by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, which agreed with the victim’s family that the school board was not entitled to the special protection that they sought. The school board filed for summary judgement, making the argument that though there are specific exemptions from their immunity against being sued, Mrs. Geier’s case did not fall under any of those eight highly specific exemptions.

Upon  hearing arguments from both sides, the judges in the case emphatically agreed with the argument made by Mrs. Geier’s mesothelioma attorneys. They ruled that the family was within their rights to file the lawsuit and that the school district would have to face the possibility of being legally responsible for the damages that the teacher suffered. This is another example of the kind of difference that a well-versed, experienced mesothelioma attorney can make when you are seeking justice.

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