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Deceased Worker’s Family Files Asbestos Lawsuit against Chevron and Unocal

Beaumont, TX – The family of a deceased worker has filed a lawsuit against his previous employer over claims that he died from lung cancer and pulmonary asbestosis because of his long term exposure to asbestos fibers and dust all through his career. Willie M Defee and her son Michael L Defee allege that their spouse and father – Mr. Luther Defee – worked with the defendants Chevron and Unocal (formerly known as Pure Oil) in the Jefferson County, Texas.

All through his employment, Mr. Defee was heavily exposed to toxic asbestos dust and fibers, causing the man to develop a terminal asbestos-related condition known as pulmonary asbestosis. The regular exposure to asbestos particles also caused him to contract lung cancer, according to the family of Defee. The family filed their complaint in the Jefferson County Dist. Court.

Asbestosis is a chronic but non-malignant scarring and fibrous hardening of the lung tissue caused by tiny asbestos fibers. The condition often results in long-term breathing problems. Asbestos-related lung cancer is deadly in most cases.

Due to his terrible diseases, Mr. Defee died an extremely painful death on 14th September, according to the suit. His family blames the defendant companies for the tragic death of Defee. The family says companies were aware of the hazards of asbestos and the consequences of frequent exposure to asbestos fibers. However, the defendants negligently failed to warn the workers including Defee regarding this and allowed them to work with and around hazardous asbestos-containing product regularly. The companies never provided Mr. Defee with any sort of protective devices for preventing from being exposed to or from inhaling toxic asbestos dust, the compliant states.

The lawsuit states that the defendant businesses failed to warn their workers regarding the risks involved in working with and around asbestos products. Additionally, they failed to take essential engineering precautions while allowing the employees to work with or close to asbestos-containing products, the suit claims.

In their lawsuit, Luther Defee’s family is asking for punitive as well as exemplary damages, in addition to interest at legal rate, medical costs, court costs, attorneys’ fees and any other relief to which they may perhaps be entitled. A Beaumont (Texas) law firm will be representing the family in their fight for justice.

Hon. Bob Wortham, the judge of 58th District Court in Texas, will be presiding over this case.