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Developer’s Failure to Follow Rules May Lead to Workers’ Mesothelioma in the Future

Following a display of callous disregard for worker safety that may lead to countless cases of malignant mesothelioma in the future, developer Philip J. Farley III of St. Petersburg, Florida has been convicted of negligently causing the release of asbestos. The federal government says that is actions placed his workers in “imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury.”

The reality of a future impacted by mesothelioma is facing approximately 90 workers who had been hired to work on the Urban Flats complex in 2010, after Farley purchased the rundown apartment complex with the intent of converting it into a profitable property. Those workers were tasked with renovations including scraping down asbestos-contaminated popcorn ceilings and other areas of the building. Though the workers were unaware of the dangers, Farley was well aware of them, as the sales contract for the complex explicitly indicated the presence of the carcinogenic material. Though the law required that an asbestos survey be done on the building before work could be done, Farley both ignored that regulation and failed to provide his workers with appropriate training or equipment that would have protected them from inhaling asbestos particles. As a result he was required to pay $175,000 in fines, was sentenced to 48 months of probation, and was required to set aside $250,000 to provide medical monitoring for his workers going forward.

Speaking of his actions, federal prosecutors echoed charges that have been leveled against numerous asbestos companies and offenders in the past, saying that Farley’s “primary concern was with his bottom line, which is entirely reasonable for a businessperson, but he is then responsible for the consequences of those decisions.”

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