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Dumped Asbestos Found Near Childcare Centers in Ultimo

The Sydney city is asking for assistance from the public for locating the person who dumped 2 tons or more asbestos material, in broad sunshine, outside of 2 childcare centers. On December 14, 2012 (Friday), at around 4 PM, a load of the cancer-causing mineral was illicitly dumped from a truck in Ultimo (Wattle Lane), close to a playground located in the McKee St Reserve and in between 2 local childcare centers.

Probes into the dumping incident by the Sydney City have discovered that the truck was a white colored Daihatsu Delta.

A passerby informed the city about the asbestos sheeting found on the street. 2 childcare centers – the Magic Pudding and the KU Wattle Ln Children’s Center – were located just 2 meters away from this street. The spot of dumping was nearly 2 blocks away from the waste management depot of the Sydney city. The city council has released the CCTV camera footage which showed a truck passing through the Wattle Ln.

“The videotape we’ve been able to get through our probes shows that a truck firstly driving down the lane, sussing the material out, and sort of scouting,” the city officials said.

“Then it’s done the chunk, driven down the very same street with a tray up, the rear tailgate open. It went over 2 speed bumps. Then it finally dumped that load at around 4 PM,” according to the city.

It’s really difficult to realize how anybody can do such things, says Gary Harding, the Director of the City Operations for Sydney.

The vehicle’s number plat was hidden with a cloth. However, Harding hopes that certain other features they noticed about the truck will help them find out and catch the culprit.

“There were some obvious scratches on that truck. A bar which was welded across its tray is not a standard feature on a truck like that. In addition, there have been some damages to the truck’s side,” Harding says.

Luckily, a spectator instantly reported that incident then. Toxic debris specialists reached on the site quickly and they cleaned up that area. Everything was cleared off within just 2 days. The council spent approximately $13000 for cleaning up the dangerous waste.

A spokesman for the council said the city hadn’t been able to identify the truck driver. However, he said, someone would hopefully recognize the truck using the footage.

If located and caught, the culprit can expect a fine of $1 million, in addition to imprisonment of up to 7 years.