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Former Electrician Develops Asbestos-related Lung Cancer

New Orleans, Louisiana –A former electrician has filed a suit against numerous corporations over the asbestos-linked lung cancer with which he was diagnosed recently, alleging that he developed the deadly cancer because of his work-related exposure to hazardous fibers asbestos fibers.

The lawsuit was filed by Mr. Charles Carrone on 16th July in the Central Dist. Court in Orleans Parish. Following are the companies named as defendants in this case:

Asbestos Corp Ltd., Eagle Incorporated, Foster Wheeler Energy Corp, McCarty Corp, Maryland Casualty Co, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Owens Illinois Incorporated, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Ownes IllinoisIncorporated, Reilly-Benton Co, Taylor Seidenbach Incorporated, Taylor-Seidenbach Incorporated, General Electric Co and Boland Machine and Manufacturing Co.

According to the suit, Carrone was exposed to hazardous levels of dangerous asbestos fibers during his employment from 1950 until 1979 as an electrician. Carrone says he was regularly exposed to the cancer-causing mineral while dealing with various products on the vessels of United Fruits Co at New Orleans Riverfront, while doing maintenance work for Coca-Cola boilers, and while working with Evans Cooperage.

The suit also states that the plaintiff’s lung cancer is the direct and proximate result of his workplace asbestos exposure.

Until the 1980s, asbestos was widely used by all sorts of industries because of its low cost and wonderful properties such as resistance to fire, corrosion and electricity, strength, ductility, durability etc. Most of the companies were aware of the hazards of asbestos exposure, but they ignored it because of their greed for profit. They used asbestos and exposed workers to the dangerous mineral without warning them regarding the hazards associated with it and without providing them any sort of protective equipment such as respirators and face masks. For this reason, many former industry workers are now suffering from fatal asbestos-related diseases.

The defendant companies allegedly used products which are unjustly dangerous. Additionally, they failed: to properly warn workers regarding the dangers of their asbestos-containing products; and to safely design the products when the nature of those products not actually required the use of a cancer-causing mineral like asbestos. The plaintiff alleges that the products had defects in construction and composition.

In his lawsuit, Carrone is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for lost earnings, medical costs, physical pain, sufferings, mental anguish, physical disability, emotional distress and court costs.

New Orleans Attorney David Cannella is representing Carrone in this case. Hon. Paulette Irons, the Judge of division M, will be presiding over the case.