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Mesothelioma News

Former Employees Sue Union Carbide and Other Companies over Asbestos-related Cancer

Chicago, Illinois – A man suffering from malignant mesothelioma has filed a lawsuit over allegations that his illness was caused by his extensive exposure to a number of asbestos-containing products.

The lawsuit was filed by Daniel Borza III on 29th January in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The suit names Union Carbide Corporation and A W Chesterton Company, along with dozens of other corporations, as defendants.

According to the suit, Borza had been employed in different capacities, such as home remodeler and electrician between 1959 and 1979. During his employment, Borza was regularly exposed to the asbestos products made, marketed, distributed, sold and used by the defendant corporations, according to the suit.

According to Borza, he was diagnosed on 17th October with malignant mesothelioma.

Borza says he wasn’t aware of the hazardous nature of the products that he was regularly working with and around. Despite being aware of all the potential risks associated with asbestos products, the defendant companies failed to warn workers including Borza, the suit says. Borza and other workers were never provided with any protective gear while working close to asbestos and asbestos products, the plaintiff alleges.

Michael Egan, an attorney with law firm Cooney and Conway, will represent the plaintiff in this case.

In another case, a man has filed a lawsuit over allegations that he developed fatal lung cancer because of his occupational asbestos exposure.

Pamela Balmes is suing a number of companies individually and as the guardian of the estate of Norman Shields. The suit names Crane Company, A W Chesterton Company, and Union Carbide Corporation, in addition to a number of other businesses, as defendants. According to the suit, the defendants manufactured, distributed, supplied, sold, installed or used the asbestos-containing products which caused the plaintiff to develop the disastrous condition. The suit was filed on 25th February in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, IL.

According to the lawsuit, Shields was continuously exposed to cancer-causing asbestos while working as a laborer, maintenance worker and in several other capacities, between 1952 and 1981. According to Balmes, Shields was diagnosed on 22nd April, 2012 with lung cancer. He says the disease was a direct and proximate result of his occupational exposure to the dangerous mineral.

Balmes is asking for damages in an amount exceeding the jurisdictional minimum. He is also seeking court costs.