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Mesothelioma News

Fearing Negligence During Demolition, Ithaca Residents Take Measures to Prevent Mesothelioma

Susan Kramer is very specifically concerned about mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. That’s why she sealed up several properties that she owns that are situated directly across the street from the library. “It is not just frustrating. It is really terrifying,” Kramer said. “We are afraid short term and long term of the contamination that is occurring here that we are watching occur on a daily basis.” She also knows all too well about how negligence has led to many asbestos illnesses, and she does not trust the developer or the companies that he has hired to keep her or her neighbors safe.

For his part, owner Travis Hyde has indicated that he is taking extraordinary precautions to ensure that the library’s neighbors are protected from anything that could lead to mesothelioma. After the building was deemed too unsafe to be fortified, he agreed to the use of an ultra-high reach demolition excavator that will take the building apart in extremely small pieces, all while being continuously spayed to keep dust from rising. All piles of debris will also be continuously sprayed and covered at night, and runoff will be contained, collected and triple filtered before being reused on the project. Debris to be carted away through the town will be carried away in a truck with a fully lined cargo hold and a sealed cover, and all drain lines in the area have been plugged with concrete to prevent any asbestos from seeping into the grounds or getting into the sewers. Though the same process has been used on more than 30 other buildings in Ithaca, nearby residents are still unnerved by the process.

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