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Mesothelioma News

Ingredient in Vinegar Kills Mesothelioma Cells

Recent studies suggest that an ingredient in vinegar can kill mesothelioma cancer cells within a matter of minutes. The new findings may mean that the primary ingredient in vinegar could be used one day to help treat the deadly disease.

According to studies, acetic acid, an odorless compound and the primary ingredient in vinegar, has extremely strong anti-cancer properties. Recent research on acetic acid was performed by Japanese and Norwegian researchers with the Kyoto GI Disease Research Center and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The researchers added acetic acid to two types of human malignant pleural mesothelioma: ACC-MESO1 and MSTO-211H. They also added acetic acid to gastric cancer cell cultures. The studies were performed on both rats and humans.

Adding different amounts of concentration of acetic acid and at different lengths of time, the researchers studied what kinds of effects the acid had on different types of cancerous cells. When studying the mesothelioma cells, researchers detected that the acid damaged every single cell within minutes.

“Acetic acid at 0.5% for 10 minutes induced almost complete cell death of ACC-MESO1 and MSTO-211H,” said Dr. Dr. Susumu Okabe. He went on to say that when the acid is applied directly to mesothelioma tumors, it “may be a feasible approach for the treatments of gastric cancer and possibly other malignancies.”

It’s important to note that vinegar was not used for the testing, but instead acetic acid in its pure form. In addition, it was only tested as a topical treatment. There are no studies or evidence to suggest that drinking vinegar or applying it topically will help fight mesothelioma.

The complete study can be found in the Dec. 2014 edition of the  Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. 

Other Alternative Remedies for Mesothelioma

Numerous other studies have found that compounds and ingredients in foods can also help battle mesothelioma. For example, curcumin, a spice found in turmeric, has been found to bring down STAT3 activity in mesothelioma patients, which caused the cancerous cells to die. It also raised PIAS3 levels, a protein that helps fight cancerous cells in the body.

“Our findings suggest that PIAS3 expression positively affects survival in mesothelioma patients and that PIAS3 activation could become a therapeutic strategy,” said Dr. Dowlati, the Director of Center for Cancer Drug Development at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center. “Mesothelioma patients who have low PIAS3 and high STAT3 have a greater chance of dying early. On the flip side, those patients with a high PIAS3 levels have a 44 percent decreased chance of dying in one year, which is substantial.”

Similar to vinegar, curcumin was tested in its pure form. Analogs must be used for the curcumin to be be effective. Consuming turmeric spice has not shown any significance in fighting mesothelioma, as the curcumin cannot absorb into the system.

Other alternative remedies that have been studied and are currently being studied are vegetables that contain PEITC, aspirin, blood pressure medication, and commercial bacteria.

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