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Is Talc in Supplements the Next Mesothelioma Risk?

Over the years, Americans have come to understand that profit-motivated asbestos manufacturers chose to put millions of people at risk for malignant mesothelioma. As victims have come forward and sought justice they have been awarded multi-million dollar verdicts by juries intent on sending a message to corporations, warning them not to put human health at risk again. Despite the strength of this lesson, many companies have continued to take chances with our health, failing to guard against lethal contaminations and shoddy quality practices: now there is a question as to whether supplement manufacturers selling “healthy” products are among them.

At issue is the question of whether talc – a mineral that is found in close proximity to asbestos, the substance that causes mesothelioma – has been properly screened before being included in medications and supplements. Talc has been very much in the news in recent days because it is the main ingredient in baby powder. Multiple claims are being filed around the country against Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder and other powder products, charging that a the talc in the powder was contaminated by asbestos and caused ovarian cancer and mesothelioma in many victims. Now it has come to consumers attention that talc is also added to supplements. It is used in the manufacturing process of many tablets and vitamins to keep them from sticking to the equipment and to each other. Though talc itself is considered to be a safe product, there are few protections put in place to ensure that the talc has not been contaminated by asbestos.

When asbestos — even in trace amounts — enters the human body, it can become embedded in cells and cause cell death and genetic changes leading to mesothelioma tumors. Unfortunately, many of the products that we ingest for our health are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because they are not considered drugs.

The only way to protect yourself against talc with the potential of causing malignant mesothelioma is to look for a demarcation of “talc USP”, which means that it has been tested and is free of detectable asbestos. There are many multivitamins and other products that are freely and legally sold in the United States that may be unsafe, so take steps to protect yourself.

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