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Japanese Mesothelioma Victims Seek Justice From the Courts

In the United States, mesothelioma victims have been seeking justice from asbestos companies for decades, and many of them have successfully gotten multi-million dollar awards and settlements. Around the world, that type of legal victory is less common. Internationally it has been governments that have shouldered the burden of mesothelioma’s costs, though some have tried hard to avoid that growing expenditure. Still, as more victims come forward and make their voices heard, change has been seen. In the United Kingdom the government has established funding specifically designated to address the impact of asbestos-related illnesses, and a series of recent court decisions indicate that Japan may soon be heading in the same direction.

Countries that sustained tremendous infrastructure damaged in World War II have been particularly impacted by malignant mesothelioma, largely because so much of the rebuilding involved the use of asbestos.  As a result, construction workers who worked decades ago are now being diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases, and the Osaka High Court in that country recently decided that the government should have recognized the link between the carcinogenic material and the diseases that it could cause, and taken steps to protect workers. The court set a threshold date of 1975 as the limit by which the government should have provided protect equipment, and that decision follows several other rulings in other courts saying that the government is liable for the resultant health damage. As more and more victims are dying from the fatal diseases linked to asbestos use, there is growing pressure on the government to step up and provide them and their families with compensation for their medical expenses and losses.

The appeal being made on behalf of Japan’s construction workers afflicted with mesothelioma is not the first of its kind: the government has already agreed to pay damages to others who have suffered asbestos-related diseases – most notably, in 2014 they agreed to provide compensation to those who worked at asbestos plants from the 1950s to the 1970s. Though the government has argued that outdoor construction sites are different from indoor manufacturing exposures, it is expected that the growing public outcry will eventually lead to a similar type of compensation being established. If the government does not act, it is likely that the country’s Supreme Court will force them to do so.

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