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Lung Cancer Patient Files Asbestos Lawsuit

New Orleans, Louisiana – A man has named a number of companies as defendants in an asbestos suit which states that the plaintiff developed lung cancer because of his continuous exposure to dangerous asbestos products from the 1970s.

The suit was filed by Lones J Gagnard Jr. against Northrop Grumman Ship Systems Incorporated, Avondale Industries Incorporated, Huntington Ingalls Inc., Eagle Incorporated, Hopeman Brothers Incorporated, International Paper Co, Champion International, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co (as Wayne Manufacturing Company’s insurer), US Plywood, McCarty Corp, Maryland Casualty Co (as Marquette Insulation’s insurer), Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Reilly-Benton Co, Taylor-Seidenbach Incorporated, Uniroyal Incorporated, Viacom Incorporated (successor to CBS Corp), Wayne Manufacturing, OneBeacon Insurance Co, Albert Bossier, J.D. Roberts, James Melton Garrett, and Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London in the Civil Dist. Court in Orleans Parish on 19th July.

According to the plaintiff, he had been exposed to high levels of toxic asbestos and products containing the substance during his job from year 1972 until 1974. As a result of this, Gagnard Jr. says, he developed lung cancer.

The defendant companies allegedly mined, manufactured, sold, supplied, distributed, and/or used asbestos products which were unreasonably hazardous and known to have inherently perilous properties with potential for severe injuries. The lawsuit states that the defendant companies failed: to warn workers including the plaintiff regarding the dangers of their asbestos products in their anticipated use; to provide adequate safety guidelines to reduce or eliminate hazards associated with their products; to truthfully inspect the products and properly report the findings; to adequately design their products; and to package their products properly. The companies are blamed for manufacturing defective products. Additionally, the companies failed to provide the workers with a safe working environment, proper engineering and industrial hygiene measures for controlling the asbestos exposure levels, and to warn regarding the hazards associated with asbestos as well as asbestos products, according to the suit.

The claimant is seeking undisclosed damages for medical costs, other costs, lost earnings, loss of earning capacity, sufferings, physical pain, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyments of life, loss of life quality, disability, interest, and attorneys’ fees.

David Cannella, an attorney with New Orleans (LA)-based law firm ‘Landry, Swarr and Cannella LLC,’ is representing Gagnard Jr. in his legal fight for justice.

Hon. Christopher J. “Chris” Bruno, a judge for the Division F of the 41st Judicial Dist. Civil Court in Orleans Parish (Louisiana), will preside over the case.