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Madison Early Childhood Centre to Remove Asbestos

Elmhurst, IL – The lowest bid was approved by the Dist. 205 Education Board for an asbestos removal project at the Madison Early Childhood Centre on Tuesday.

Asbestos, a known cancer-causing mineral, is now unexposed under the floor tiles and not a health risk. However, those tiles have to be replaced for finishing other projects, which will bring a sanitary system, hot water and water to a segment of the structure that does not have such amenities right now.

Frank Schuh, the district’s director of buildings & grounds, said the tiles would be heat removed instead of tearing up. He said it would help prevent asbestos particles to become airborne. Airborne asbestos particles are extremely dangerous because they could be inhaled easily and cause terminal diseases including cancer.

Additionally, construction has been planned for the start of the summer vacation as the building would remain closed then.

According to Schuh, the tile removing project is far less intense when compare to the asbestos removal in other areas such as pipe wrap or boilers.

Lemont (IL)-based Universal Asbestos Removal Incorporated was the lowest eligible bidder. There were totally 6 bids and Universal’s $36000 bid was the lowest one.

Schuh said the project would be a very small one in the big world of asbestos projects.

Asbestos is a group of minerals occurring in the nature which are highly resistant against corrosion and heat. This mineral has been used in numerous products, such as piping insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, construction products, automobile clutches, automobile brakes etc. Asbestos includes the mineral fibres amosite, chrysotile, tremolite, actinolite, crocidolite, and all these types could be treated and altered chemically. Heavy exposure to the mineral is likely in the building industry and ship repairing, especially at the time of removal of materials containing asbestos for repairs, demolition or renovation. Workers may also be exposed to the dangerous mineral during the production of various asbestos-containing products, such as insulation, friction products, textiles, and other construction materials. Those who work with automobile clutches and brakes also are likely to be exposed to the material.

Asbestos has been recognized as a human health hazard. Asbestos fibres are extremely small can’t be seen with the naked eye. However, they could cause severe respiratory disorders and diseases including cancer. Now the use of asbestos has been highly regulated by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).