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Manhattan Jury Awards $60 Million to Mesothelioma Victim’s Estate

Pietro Macaluso was a construction worker who spent years doing demolition work in single-family homes in Brooklyn, but it was only when he was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma at the age of 55 that he was made aware that his work had exposed him to the deadly mineral asbestos. A year later, he had died, leaving behind a girlfriend and his 11-year-old twins. This week a Manhattan jury decided that three boiler manufacturers were negligent in their failure to warn the public of the dangers hidden in their asbestos-contaminated equipment, and ordered that those companies pay the worker’s estate compensation in the amount of $60 million.

Macaluso’s mesothelioma lawsuit was filed against A. O. Smith Corporation, Burnham Commercial and Peerless. According to attorneys representing his estate, the companies were aware of the dangers posed by their products but chose to bury the information, saying, “Many of the defendants had safety precautions in their own factories to protect against the dangers of asbestos but they were not passing those warnings on to people like Pietro Macaluso. As a result, he never had an opportunity to protect himself.”

During the course of the nine-week trial the jury was exposed to a great deal of information about how mesothelioma develops and its impact on the body, and that evidence was emphasized by a video of Mr. Macaluso in his final days, “saying goodbye to his kids and knowing that they would grow up without a father.” It is believed that the emotional power of that video played a large part in the jury’s decision on how much to award the family, with the payout being equal to eight times the national average and the largest asbestos award in the city since January 2017, when another mesothelioma victim was awarded a $75 million verdict.

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