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Mary Ingles Elementary Removes Asbestos

Kanawha County, West Virginia – Asbestos, a notorious mineral known to cause a deadly cancer called malignant mesothelioma, was removed from the boiler room of Mary Ingles Elementary School during the previous weakened.

Parents became worried when they saw signs of asbestos at the elementary last week. They say they are wondering why the officials failed to inform them regarding the presence of asbestos. In fact they came to know regarding the removal of asbestos from their kids.

Melissa Wilfong, the principal of the elementary, said asbestos had been removed from the school’s boiler room. She said the boiler room is not attached to the school building. Since the removal of asbestos, the school has been informed that the building was safe for the students to come back, Wilfong said. She said their foremost priority was the safety of their students.

Wilfong says they have been assured that all are safe. An air sampling test was carried out last Friday which came back negative for the presence of asbestos, she said.

According to Wilfong, the school has air scrubbers as well, for cleaning the environment.

The elementary has observed its share of hazardous toxins. Mold had been removed from the ceiling and walls of the classrooms. The relief for parents was that the school building will have an important facelift at the time of summer.

Mr. James, whose niece is attending the elementary school, says it is not about the time the issues are fixed. He said he hopes the school gets everything done for the sake of their kids. Such things should not happen once again, he said.

Wilfong assured the parents that the school building is absolutely safe. She said she would like to remind everyone that they have a number of things ongoing then, but it would be really worth the wait as they begin the year.

Apart from the removal of mold and asbestos, a new roof and ceiling are going to be installed. Additionally, electrical systems, sprinkler systems and light fixtures are going to be replaced. Pipes containing asbestos will be eliminated as well.

The estimated cost of all these works is at least $155000. The school board agreed last month that these issues needed to be resolved prior to the beginning of the next school year.

The presence of asbestos is a major problem with most of the old school buildings, which were constructed prior to the 1980s, in the United States.