Mesothelioma Law Firms and Victims: Johnson & Johnson Settlement

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Mesothelioma lawyers have handled numerous high-profile cases over the years, and amongst these, this is probably the most notable. Johnson & Johnson is well known in the United States as a long-standing corporation that develops pharmaceuticals and home goods, such as talcum powder. While many American consumers have long trusted their products, a recent settlement may have individuals second guessing their choice the next time they visit the store. That being said, the fact that Johnson & Johnson decided to settle a claim against their company does not actually mean they are guilty. Sometimes these things just come down to the cost of litigation. In order to better understand the situation, let’s break down the case.

Talcum Powder Recall

It is hard to believe that companies are still providing consumers with products that contain asbestos that may lead to mesothelioma. In October 2019, Johnson & Johnson recalled over 30,000 bottles of baby powder. This was a result of the FDA finding asbestos on a bottle of the company’s baby powder. As a result, Johnson & Johnson is facing thousands of lawsuits that claim the company knew its talcum powder was indeed contaminated and simply sold the product regardless.

O’Hagan Case

Linda O’Hagan is suffering from mesothelioma and claims the cancer is a result of her regular use of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder product. Ms. O’Hagan claimed that the product was in fact contaminated and Johnson & Johnson should have to pay for the damages caused to her in the form of mesothelioma cancer.

Mesothelioma Law Firms Get a Settlement

When it comes to civil lawsuits, mesothelioma lawyers demanding a settlement is not uncommon. If one party’s claimed damages far exceed the amount it would cost to defend the claim, and the party has even a decent chance of success, the defendant may choose to simply settle in order to lower the time and money invested to defend the claim. This settlement stage can occur at various points of the litigation process, from shortly after filing to sometimes shortly before a final judgment.

In the case of Ms. O’Hagan, Johnson & Johnson decided to settle the case mid-trial on January 6, 2020. The beauty of settling is that the terms of the settlement do not need to be made public. As such, the amount of money the company has paid out to Ms. O’Hagan is not known. However, there is speculation and reports that the company paid out around $2 million.

The interesting part of the settlement route by Johnson & Johnson is that it comes ahead of the thousands of suits outstanding against the company, according to reports by mesothelioma law firms. Such a move may lead these claimants to believe that this will become precedent with the company, or that the dollar figure may be somewhat of a reasonable amount to pursue. Settling out-of-court like this can easily put a target on their back as many seek to collect. On the other hand, settling out of the public eye does allow the company to have some level of secrecy on the terms of payout. The risk of pursuing all the way through judgment means the company would risk a publicly available payout dollar figure.

With this settlement now behind Johnson & Johnson, they can focus towards future and additional legal threats that may be coming their way. If you or anyone you know is suffering a similar fate and has been unknowingly exposed to asbestos or other harmful material, please get in touch with mesothelioma law firms.

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