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Mesothelioma Patients Are Urged To Speak Up About Their Pain

If you have been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma as a result of having been exposed to asbestos, then nobody needs to tell you that the disease comes with more than its fair share of pain. All types of cancers are painful, but the tumors that come with this aggressive form of the disease put remarkable pressure on the internal organs, and the various therapies that are used to treat the disease bring their own discomfort. If you are struggling with pain, it is important for you to understand that there are numerous pain management protocols available for you, and you should take advantage of all of them. Though many patients feel that they need to suffer in silence, there is absolutely no reason for doing so – in fact, it may actually work against your healing and recovery.

Your mesothelioma practitioner may have told you that the best way to control pain is to stop it before it starts Рand to prevent it from getting worse. There is a great deal of truth to that. Not only does following this basic rule keep you from being uncomfortable, but from a medical standpoint it is much easier to manage pain than to relieve it. It is harder to pull somebody up out of a painful situation than to maintain them once they are pain free Рjust as it takes longer for an aspirin to cure a bad headache than it is to keep taking aspirin all day to keep the headache from coming back.  Mesothelioma physicians constantly remind their patients that there is no reason to wait until the pain gets bad before taking medicine Рespecially because the pain may be causing an inflammatory reaction in your body that causes additional damage to the cells that you are trying to heal.

If your mesothelioma is growing worse and the medication that had previously been working no longer provides relief, don’t hesitate to call your physician and let them know. Your pain can be managed, but you must treat your doctor as your partner in the process of making you more comfortable. You may also need a partner in defending your legal rights, and if you do, please contact us today at¬†1-800-966-2244. We are here to make sure that you are treated fairly.