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Experimental Treatment for Mesothelioma

To complement traditional mesothelioma treatments, experimental therapies may be explored by patients seeking new ways to treat their cancer. Gene therapy and passive immunotherapy are relatively new experimental therapies that are being used on patients.

  • Gene Therapy Mesothelioma Treatment
    Gene therapy is currently being tested and can be useful in treating mesothelioma patients. Genes are introduced into the body that literally stops the growth of blood cells that would otherwise feed cancer growth. Genes are also introduced into the body to replace cancer genes, thereby making the genes more susceptible to anti-cancer medications. Patients interested in participating in a clinical trial of gene therapy should consult with their physician.
  • Passive Immunotherapy Mesothelioma Treatment
    Passive immunotherapy uses man-made immune system proteins to provide the patient with what he or she is lacking. For the current immunotherapy methods, one kind of cell or antigen is sought out and used as opposed to the entire immune system. This type of therapy is still in the clinical trial period, and patients who would like to participate can contact their physician to see if this type of treatment would benefit them. Researchers are also studying the use of cancer vaccines to prevent cancer from developing, or to eradicate an already established cancer in patients.

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