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Northville Township Approves Additional Fund for Powerhouse Demolition Project because of Asbestos Discovery

Northville Township’s Board of Trustees has approved an extra $288000 for tearing down of the power house of former psychiatric hospital.

The board approved spending the money from its general fund for removing asbestos material manually from the powerhouse of former psychiatric hospital, some recent reports say.

A report published in the Observer & Eccentric says the board last week approved using another $288000 from its general fund for the demolition project so that the building could be torn down safely.

In April, at the time of State of Community address, Robert Nix – the Township Supervisor – said to the audience that they have added an extra amount – approximately $350000 – 400000 – to the demolition cost as asbestos material was discovered on the structure.

Asbestos removal is a very expensive and laborious job. Specialist contractor who has license to deal with asbestos should be hired for the task. Despite all these facts, asbestos abatement is a must prior to any demolition project if the material is present in a structure. The reason is that asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen. If asbestos is disturbed, damaged, or broken, its fibres become airborne – means they are released into the air. Airborne fibers of asbestos are easily inhalable. Inhalation of asbestos fibres is linked to a number of diseases and some of them are deadly. Malignant mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of chest and abdomen, and asbestosis, the scarring of lung tissue, are 2 fatal diseases linked to asbestos exposure. Inhalation of asbestos fibres can also cause lung cancer. Due to these hazards, many countries have banned the use of asbestos. It is not totally banned in the United States. However, it is a highly regulated material in the nation. Whoever violates these regulations could be punished with fines and imprisonment.

This demolition project is partly funded by a grant. However, Nix says the township is planning to use the money attained by REIS development – the Michigan University medical center and proposed retail centre – to fund the tearing down project.

According to the report published in Observer & Eccentric, the township supervisor said Northville has the responsibility to finish the demolition project if they wished to qualify for grants in the future which would help fund the cleanup works for the remaining structures on the hospital property and abiding by the brownfield plan was vitally important.