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Whether you or a loved one is dealing with mesothelioma due to the wrongful exposure to asbestos, know that you are not alone as you go down the path towards financial recovery. While it may seem overwhelming now, things will start to clear up as you understand that a path of precedence has been laid down before you to make your case go smoother. By examining prior cases that have gone to a verdict or settlement, you may gain a better understanding of not only how your case will pan out, but how much money you can expect to receive in compensation. If it seems like this will put you on a path towards financial recovery, it may be worth pursuing and finding an experienced mesothelioma lawyer to evaluate your case.

Take a look at these notable cases in mesothelioma law to see if your case might sound similar or not:

Marlena and Ed Robaey – largest Mesothelioma Verdict in New York history

Mrs. Robaey was diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma in 2012 after being exposed to asbestos during her husband’s 20-year career around automotive parts.

In the 1970s, Mrs. Robaey worked side-by-side with her husband as he repaired car engines and other car parts. During this time, a majority of automobile parts contained asbestos due to their ability to handle heat and provide insulation. During this time, Mrs. Robaey was aware of the asbestos, but was unaware that it was a carcinogen. The car company manufacturing companies did not adequately warn people of the risks.

Forty years later, Mrs. Robaey started to see the symptoms from too much exposure. The couple brought suit against multiple automobile parts manufacturers in an attempt to find financial recovery. A jury found the companies liable and in favor of the Robaey’s arguments.

Dana Companies LLC was 40% liable, Fel Pro was 30% liable, Crane Company was 20% liable and Cleaver Brooks 10% liable. Crane Company and Cleaver Brooks reached a settlement agreement with Robaey before trial. The jury came to a verdict of $75 million awarded to Mrs. Robaey. The damages were spread out in various parts, but overall the total was the largest in state history.

Philip Depoian – California talcum powder verdict

In more recent history, Philip Depoian was awarded an $18 million verdict in 2016. Unknown to many, asbestos can naturally occur in talc deposits. Asbestos-contaminated talc deposits could be found in some talcum powders. As such, those exposed to the asbestos due to the manufacturer’s negligence may be able to receive financial recovery. Mr. Depoian was exposed to asbestos-contaminated talcum powder while working at his father’s barbershop.

Illinois wife – $250 M verdict, later settled

 The wife of a former steelworker was able to receive a large payout after losing her husband to mesothelioma. The widow went to trial against U.S. Steel and was awarded a verdict of $250 M by the Illinois jury in 2005. Following the verdict, U.S. Steel reached out to the widow for post-verdict settlement negotiations. This tactic can work as U.S. Steel can posit as if they intend to appeal the ruling. In order to move past the case, the widow and U.S. Steel agreed to a post-verdict settlement amount that was kept confidential. We can only imagine the money involved, but it seems apparent that the widow would have had to settle at a lower amount for U.S. Steel to not appeal the verdict.

Missouri settlements to courthouse employees

 In Jackson County, MO (Kansas City area), the county courthouse was undergoing renovations. During this time, employees were exposed to asbestos due to the alleged negligence of U.S. Engineering Company. In 2011, employee Nancy Lopez had a $10 M settlement approved by a circuit court judge. Unfortunately for Ms. Lopez, she died of mesothelioma not long after. Two other employees of the Jackson County courthouse during this time frame decided to later sue the county and the engineering company and were able to reach a settlement agreement of $80 million.

Understanding Precedence

 When it comes to filing lawsuits, precedence is everything. Precedence gives us a roadmap on how to interpret facts, apply the law and determine potential outcomes. While we have a little bit of information regarding the basic outline of the facts, as well as the monetary outcomes, we do not know the precedence available to us without knowing the intricate details that led to these decisions being made. With that in mind, it is important for victims of asbestos exposure to understand how similar and how different the facts of your case may or may not be. Try to not get your hopes up on a large settlement or verdict simply because you see the success of other trials before you. Take your case one step at a time and find yourself a reputable and experienced lawyer to help pursue your mesothelioma case.

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