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Ohio EPA Cites Biomass for Asbestos Violations

Ironton, Ohio – Biomass, a company located at South Point, has recently been cited for its shoddy asbestos handling at a building it owns. The Ohio State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could issue the firm a fine of approximately US$25000 per day.

In the mean time, county officials have made a foreclosure action filing against Biomass, asking for in excess of $40000 in back taxes it owes.

In a Friday order, the agency ordered the proprietors of the former S. Point Ethanol factory not to tear down any more structures at the worksite, to hire an authorized asbestos removal contractor for removing the asbestos discovered at the site, and to dispose it off at an authorized landfill on or before 1st June.

Brenda Neville, an attorney from Chesapeake, has been appointed as an asst. Lawrence County prosecutor mainly for handling unpaid taxes, said Brigham Anderson, the prosecuting attorney. Neville has formerly served as a special prosecutor, mainly in criminal issues, whenever there had been a conflict. That capacity has been served by her for the last 17 years.

Neville began working on 1st January. Her 1st lawsuits involved one foreclosure action filed against Biomass (S. Point Biomass Generating). Former S. Point Ethanol property was owned by the company approximately 12 years ago.

This is not the 1st time that Biomass had to be asked to pay taxes, says County Treasurer Mr. Stephen D Burcham. Biomass owes back taxes of $40000 or more for years 2011 and 12, court filings indicate.

Anderson said on Tuesday that they were taking a far more aggressive role for collecting back taxes. He said Brenda is a very good lawyer and that her only responsibility would be the tax collection and enforcement. Anderson said Brenda has served as special prosecutor earlier for many years.

During the inspections carried out last fall, the Ohio EPA found that the company was not handling asbestos-containing materials properly. They found that the company was dumping potentially carcinogenic asbestos materials illegally in an open container. A number of individuals, such as S. Point Mayor Mr. Ron West, had reported to EPA regarding the illegal asbestos handling of Biomass.

Asbestos is strictly regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because the material is a known human carcinogen. Asbestos can cause cancer if its tiny fibres are breathed in. Malignant mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer, is incurable.