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Ona Man Claims Asbestos Exposure on Work Sites Caused Lung Injury

Charleston, West Virginia – A man from Ona (Cabell County, West Virginia) has filed a lawsuit in connection with asbestos exposure against 55 defendant companies. The plaintiff says the companies are liable for the lung disease he developed.

Wayne Jr. Rider was diagnosed on 28th January, 2012 with a severe lung injury, a lawsuit filed on 28th February in Kanawha County Circuit Court claims.

According to Rider, he began smoking cigarettes when he was working in the United States Navy. He continued that habit until year 1978. The maximum cigarettes he smoked were a pack per day, the suit says. He stopped smoking in 1978, according to the lawsuit.

Rider says the defendant companies are sued based on the concepts of negligence, breach of implied warranty, contaminated buildings, conspiracy, intentional tort, strict liability, failure to warn and conspiracy.

The plaintiff argues that the defendants were negligent about the safety of workers including Rider. They failed to warn workers regarding the risks involved in working with and around substances containing asbestos. Rider did not know the hazards of asbestos exposure while handling the dangerous products of the defendants, the lawsuit says. He was never warned regarding the risks either, the plaintiff claims. He was never provided with any sort of protective equipment while handling dangerous asbestos material. According to the plaintiffs, the companies should have known very well regarding the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos material and inhalation of asbestos fibers, still they allowed workers to handle or work around the substance without taking any adequate safety measures. Rider says asbestos exposure is the cause of his present lung condition. Exposure to asbestos is linked to severe lung and respiratory problems and sometimes it can cause even more dangerous diseases such as mesothelioma (cancer of the lining of chest and abdomen) and lung cancer.

Some of the defendant companies are being sued in the case as the owners of premises while some others are sued as employers of Rider for intentional / deliberate tort, the lawsuit filed by Rider indicates.

Rider wants a grand jury trial for resolving the issues cited in the suit. James F Humphreys and Associates lawyer James McKowen is representing the plaintiff.

3M Co, ACF Industries, A.W. Chesterton Co, Aurora Pump Co, Borg-Warner Corp, Brand Insulations, Buffalo Pumps, CBS Corp, Certainteed Corp, and Cleaver-Brooks Co are the companies mentioned as defendants in Rider’s lawsuit.