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OSHA Cites Greater Portland PAL for Asbestos Violations

The Oregon (OR) Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has recently cited the nonoperational Police Activities League (PAL) of Greater Portland for 3 health violations, following the asbestos finding in 2 restrooms in the Police Activities League youth centre in E. Portland.

The citations, initially reported yesterday (April 1, 2013) by the newsgroup “The Skanner”, came from a complaint that had been filed with the occupational safety agency on 5th November – more than 3 months before the PAL folded beneath the financial duress and provided the youth centre to Portland’s Boys and Girls Clubs.

Compliance officers were sent by OSHA to the Police Activities League Bud Monnes Centre on Northeast 172 Ave on 18th December as response to a complaint filed on 5th November by a staff member that roof was leaking upon the light fixtures. The complaint also stated that the ceiling contained dangerous asbestos material.

Asbestos is a substance known to cause cancer. The material is made up of small, microscopic fibers. These tiny fibers can become airborne when asbestos is damaged, broken or disturbed. Airborne asbestos fibres could be breathed in by anyone passing through the area. Inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious respiratory disorders and/or fatal diseases including cancer later.

The officers did not find any leaks. However, the asbestos investigation by the OSHA was finished last month. The investigation found 2 serious violations in connection with the asbestos discovered in the deteriorated ceiling tiles in the restrooms for girls and a staff restroom and closet.

A media which visited the youth centre located at Glisan Street and 172nd Ave 2 months ago – during its initial week as Boys and Girls Club – the door of the restroom for men was bent as well as cracked. Additionally, the white tiles held brown stains, including close to a fire alarm. The parking lot’s parking signs was disabled and had dropped their poles, the media report indicates.

One of the reliable benefactors of PAL was the Portland City. Since year 2008, the Portland city has provided US$368,000 to PAL, even as workers and parents at the at-risk youth program complained that the facility at East Portland was dangerous as it was crumbling and leaking.

Now the Boys and Girls Clubs say the youth centre is highly worn out and that they might simply tear it down and construct a new one.