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Plumber’s Widow Files Asbestos Lawsuit

Fonda, CA – A deceased plumber’s family has filed a lawsuit against a plumbing company, claiming that it is responsible for the asbestos-related death of that man. According to the suit, he died after developing mesothelioma which he contracted as a result of his continuous exposure to asbestos.

Josephine Jaworski, Joseph Jaworski’s widow, filed the lawsuit for the estate of her husband in Florida Supreme Court on 22nd February. A Mormile Plumbing and Heating, an Amsterdam-based company, is the defendant in the case. The company is being sued over negligence, loss of consortium, and wrongful death.

This is actually the 2nd suit she has filed against Mormile Plumbing. In June 2011, she had filed a similar lawsuit in Johnstown Supreme Court claiming negligence. In that case, she sued 100 other companies also along with Mormile Plumbing. Other defendant companies include Ford, CBS, General Electric, Sears and Goodyear. However, that case was dismissed even before reaching a trial, court records show.

Jaworski’s obituary shows he was 83 years when died on 17th July, 2011 – just around a month after the initial suit was filed. He was the owner of a vending firm and spent 3 decades as a firefighter in Amsterdam after beginning his plumbing industry career. According to the pension records of the state, he retired from the Department of Fire on 31st October, 1976.

Both the suits do not specify when Mr. Jaworski was appointed by Mormile Plumbing. According to the first suit, Jaworski was exposed for many years to dangerous asbestos material while working at different steel mills, shipyards, paper mills, industrial sites, chemical plants, refineries etc. He was also exposed to the toxic mineral due to general use of products containing asbestos, the suit stated.

The suits do not specify when Jaworski was diagnosed by his physicians with malignant mesothelioma, a cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos.

James Mormile, the plumbing company’s owner, said his firm hasn’t been served with the suit and therefore he could not comment on that. However, Mormile said the company where Jaworski worked no longer functions. Jaworski’s attorney also didn’t immediately comment on the case.

According to the suit, Mr. Joseph Jaworski was continuously exposed to dangerous asbestos dust and fibers while working for Mormile Plumbing. The company, despite being aware of all the risks associated with asbestos exposure, didn’t warn him or provide him with any sort of protection, according to the plaintiff.

The suit filed by Josephine Jaworski is seeking unspecified damages.