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Quick Settlement Provides Peace for UK Mesothelioma Victim

Victims of asbestos exposure who are diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma are often overwhelmed by their diagnosis and its impact. Depending upon their age, their overall health, the type of mesothelioma they’ve been diagnosed with and how far advanced the disease stage is, they may be told that they have an extremely short period of time in which to settle their affairs. For many in this situation, the best decision is to seek a fair settlement with the companies that are responsible in order to make sure that their medical bills will be taken care of and that they can be assured that their families will have a measure of financial security. Such was the case for a man in the United Kingdom who was exposed through his work at Beldam Asbestos Company Limited.

In the United Kingdom, many of the laws are different, and as a result mesothelioma victims are often able to achieve settlements much more quickly than is true in the United States. In the case of Mr. C, upon receiving his diagnosis with the rare and fatal form of cancer he immediately contacted an attorney and requested that they contact his former employer. In the United States employers’ liability for workplace illnesses are limited to workers’ compensation, and as a result most occupational exposure mesothelioma victims instead pursue justice from the companies that supplied their employers with the asbestos-contaminated products or supplies. In the United Kingdom, the attorney was able to reach out directly to the company where Mr. C had worked for four years as a foreman. The attorney let the company know of Mr. C’s illness after having been exposed to asbestos, and of the extremely short amount of time that his physician indicated that he had left to him.

In response to the extremely short prognosis outlined by Mr. C’s mesothelioma physicians, as well as the threat of more extensive legal action to be taken in the Royal Courts of Justice if a quick and just settlement was not reached, the company both acknowledged its own responsibility in his illness and provided a satisfactory offer of compensation to the sick man and his family. The entire process took less than three months, providing the victim with the ability to spend his final days knowing that his family would have a level of financial security after he was gone.

Though mesothelioma settlements are handled differently in the United States, the process can be expedited in the face of a short prognosis, and an experienced attorney can eliminate a good deal of the stress. For information on how we can help, contact us today at 1-800-966-2244.