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Several Corporations Named in St. Louis Man’s Asbestos Lawsuit

Today, it is well known that asbestos is a dangerous carcinogenic material and that it causes malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other serious diseases. Its use has been largely curtailed in the United States, and when it is used those who are in its proximity are generally provided with protective clothing and clear warnings regarding its dangers. But this was not always the case. It was not until the mid-1970s that the Environmental Protection Agency alerted the public to the dangers of this widely-used mineral and precautions began to be taken. This does not mean that the companies that used asbestos in their products were unaware of its dangers: in fact, it has been discovered that most were aware of the hazards of asbestos exposure but chose to continue its use because it added to their profits. As a result, untold numbers of innocent people have lost their good health or their lives to asbestos-related diseases, and many of them served in the military. One of those affected is Darrel E. Keller, a former machinist who served in the U.S. Navy between 1959 and 1966. Mr. Keller was recently diagnosed with asbestosis, and is now suing several companies that he holds responsible for his illness.

Mr. Keller’s lawsuit is trying to hold the companies named, which include 3M Co., Air & Liquid Systems Corp., Armstrong International Inc., and many others, responsible for the damages that he suffered. He has indicated that the asbestos fibers that were released from their products directly led to his asbestosis diagnosis, and that his illness has led to medical expenses and other damages both actual and compensatory. As a veteran of the military he is eligible for medical benefits through the V.A., but most asbestos-related conditions require enormous expenses above and beyond the services provided through that agency, and veterans are not able to seek damages directly from the government. Instead they can take legal action against government contractors and suppliers. Most choose to either file asbestos lawsuits or to file claims with one of the many asbestos bankruptcy trust funds.

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