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Union Carbide Blamed for Man’s Mesothelioma Death

Charley Edenfield died of malignant mesothelioma after almost forty years of working for an adhesive plant. Though the company changed hands several times during his tenure, one thing remained a constant: one of the materials that Charley worked with was asbestos that had been supplied by Union Carbide. Today, more than seven years after his death, his wife is seeking justice in the form of financial compensation from Union Carbide.

The mesothelioma trial against Union Carbide just began, but it is expected that it will trace his life history, his employment, his diagnosis, and his subsequent death after having been diagnosed with the rare and fatal form of cancer in 2009. Like many mesothelioma victims, Mr. Edenfield died just two years after his diagnosis, but in the time between learning of his illness and dying, he was able to trace his exposure to asbestos to Union Carbide. Despite the fact that Union Carbide is arguing that there is no proof that it was their asbestos that sickened Edenfield, evidence to be submitted at court includes records showing that between 1969 and 1984, the company supplied over 47,000 pounds of asbestos  to the location.

Charley Edenfield worked at the location between 1954 and 1994, and it was his job to measure the asbestos and mix it with other products to make the plant’s glues. Two former colleagues have provided testimony indicating that the asbestos that he worked with came from Union Carbide, but the company is arguing that even if they did provide asbestos, other companies did as well, and there is no way of proving whose asbestos fibers led to his eventual illness. The company has also argued that the asbestos that they provided was properly marked and warned of potential risk, and that they went so far as to provide information to Edenfield’s employers about how to protect employees like Edenfield from breathing in asbestos fibers.

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