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Widower Files Asbestos Lawsuit

A UK widower has filed a lawsuit for in excess of £300,000 over his wife’s death.

Brian Butcher, a Woodfieldside (Blackwood) resident, is asking for at least £300,000, in addition to a personal injury claim of in excess of £1,000 from Newport council that took over liability for administering the claims against Gwent County Council. Gwent Council is not functioning now.

In his lawsuit, Butcher says his wife Mrs. Brenda Butcher was exposed to as well as inhaled massive amounts of asbestos fibers and dust at the time of her employment with Gwent Council – the corporate predecessors of the council – between year 1980 and 88.

Brenda Butcher, who passed away on 28th April, 2011 when she was 65 years old, had worked at Pengam Primary School (Commercial St., Pengam) as a caretaker and a cleaner. Brenda was responsible for heating that existed then as 2 sites. The plaintiff says a site was at Pengam Welsh where the gas fire boiler as well as pipes around it was wrapped with dangerous asbestos. Another site was primary school. There the surrounding piping work of the boiler also was asbestos-lagged.

The suit filed by Mr. Butcher states that most of the time of Mrs. Butcher, who was an efficient and proud cleaner, was spent by cleaning, including the cleaning of pipes and boiler rooms. The suit says the boiler rooms where Brenda worked were dusty and hot. While sweeping and cleaning up of asbestos debris and dust substantial amounts of the toxic fibres could’ve been scattered in the air in the limited spaces of those boiler rooms and Brenda should’ve inhaled them, the suit says.

Mr. Butcher alleges that his wife wasn’t warned regarding the hazards of asbestos exposure and inhalation of asbestos fibers and dust.

Butcher says his wife should’ve been protected from being exposed to the cancer-causing fibers. The exposure took place because of the negligence as well as violation of statutory duties by the defendants, their agents or servants, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff says his wife’s employer totally failed to provide her with a safe working environment. Additionally, the defendants failed: to provide proper equipment that would have prevented the entry of asbestos fibers into the air in Brenda’s workplace; and to make sure that all loose asbestos had been kept in proper closed containers while they were not in use, the plaintiff alleges.

Asbestos exposure and inhalation are the causes of malignant mesothelioma, a deadly cancer.