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Will Boulder City’s Boom Bring Mesothelioma?

Imagine being a resident of a town on the brink of economic boom, only to learn that with the anticipated flurry of new activity and construction comes a heightened risk of malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. That is exactly the situation the citizens of Boulder City, Nevada are facing since the construction of a high-speed interstate bypass connecting the cities of Phoenix and Las Vegas.

The topic of mesothelioma first came into public awareness in southern Nevada when construction started on the long-awaited Interstate 11 bypass. A study conducted by researchers from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas alerted authorities to the presence of naturally-occurring asbestos in the area, as well as of the possibility of a mesothelioma cluster in the area. Though the authorities initially dismissed these reports, the report did lead to a work stoppage to allow for further study and for special protective measures to be taken. Now that the highway is completed, a new problem is on the horizon: the improved access to two big cities is likely to bring new residents to the desert town of Boulder City, and the anticipated increase in population means lots of building and construction that is likely to disturb naturally-occurring asbestos. This means that the same level of care will need to be used by home builders and commercial developers as has been exercised by the interstate road crews.

Speaking of the overall concern about mesothelioma and the impact that the threat of asbestos exposure is having on the community, local reporter John L. Smith said, “The fascinating thing about it is it continues to affect folks in Boulder City. It is something that they’re still talking about. It’s something that the city council and community have discussed and it’s something that the local paper there is also is also writing about.” He went on to say, “You’ve got an issue that needs to be on the table. It needs to be discussed. You’re talking about environmental question marks in the community.”

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