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Woman Develops Malignant Mesothelioma due to Secondhand Asbestos Exposure

Chicago, Illinois – A woman who alleges that she developed malignant mesothelioma through 1st and 2nd hand asbestos exposure to lethal asbestos fibers is suing nearly 40 defendant corporations in a recently filed lawsuit.

The suit was filed by Anne Karasek in the Circuit Court of Cook County, alleging that she had been exposed to deadly asbestos dust and fibers all through her employment and also due to her contact with the hairs and clothing of her 1st and 2nd husbands.

According to the suit, Karasek had been working as an office staff between 1943 and 1985. He was regularly exposed to toxic asbestos fibres through several non-occupational projects like home remodeling and automotive repairs.

Karasek also states that she had been exposed to the cancer-causing fibers from the overalls of her first spouse Mr. Ernest Kamin and second spouse Mr. Walter Karasek. Kamin was working as a maintenance overseer between 1943 and 1955 whereas Walter Karasek was a maintenance mechanic between 1977 and 1985, according to the complaint.

Both the husbands, the lawsuit states, worked with and around products manufactured, marketed, distributed, sold, installed or used by the defendant companies. Some companies named in this lawsuit as defendants are: A W Chesterton Company; Crane Company; and CBS Corporation.

Karasek states that she came to know that she had developed malignant mesothelioma on 13th June, 2013. She says her asbestos exposure was definitely foreseeable and preventable. The defendant companies could or should’ve expected the plaintiff’s asbestos exposure, the suit claims.

Karasek argues that the defendant companies failed to practice ordinary caution and care for her safety. The companies failed to warn both her husbands regarding the hazardous nature of their products and to inform them that even secondhand exposure to asbestos fibers could be fatal.

Because of her regular and long term exposure to asbestos fibers, the suit says, Karasek developed malignant mesothelioma. The cancer caused her to suffer from immense physical pain and high degree of mental anguish, the suit states. Due to her condition, Karasek was prevented from enjoying her regular life activities, the complaint states. Karasek claims that she was forced to spend and became liable for a substantial amount of money for medical and hospital services.

The defendant companies were aware of the dangers of their products, but conspired to withhold the results of studies and conceal them from the employees, the suit states.

Karasek is seeking a judgement in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limit.