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Mesothelioma News

Woman Exposed to Asbestos through Husband’s Work Clothes Develops Malignant Mesothelioma

New Orleans, Louisiana – A woman from Greenville (MS) is suing a number of companies for allegedly contributing to her malignant mesothelioma by exposing her to dangerous fibers of asbestos.

Elizabeth G Sutherland has filed a suit against McCarty Corporation, Taylor Seidenbach, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co, Eagle Inc., Arrowood Indemnity Co, Anco Insulation, and Alma Plantation on 11th March in the Central District Court in Orleans Parish.

Sutherland says she was exposed to asbestos fibres through the work clothes of her husband, who inhaled and was exposed to asbestos as well as asbestos-containing products. As a result of this exposure, she developed malignant mesothelioma, according to the suit.

The suit alleges that the companies knew the dangers of asbestos and materials containing asbestos, but failed to properly warn the petitioner and workers including her husband about the potential hazards of exposure to the mineral. The companies failed to provide workers with proper safety equipment, the suit says. The defendants also failed to set up general ventilation to create a safe working environment in the work areas, Sutherland alleges. The companies did not either warn the employees that asbestos fibres could be carried home by them through their work clothes and that could cause their family members to be secondarily exposed to the cancer-causing fibers, the lawsuit states. The companies are also being sued for manufacturing, distributing and selling products containing a known and dangerous carcinogen such as asbestos.

The plaintiff suffered physical pain, incurred huge medical costs and lost her earning capacity because of the disease, the plaintiff argues. She is seeking an unspecified amount as damages for all the sufferings.

Eric Nowak, a lawyer from New Orleans (LA)-based law firm Harrell and Nowak, is representing the plaintiff in court.

Hon. Paulette Irons, the Judge of Division M, will preside over the case.

Most of the mesothelioma cases have been found as a result of the negligence of the companies that made, sold or used asbestos and products containing the dangerous substance. They didn’t warn the workers about the hazards of asbestos and didn’t provide them with a safe working environment or safety devices such as respirators in order to prevent the toxic fibers to be inhaled. Anyone who develops asbestos-related diseases due to such negligence has the legal right to sue the responsible companies for damages.