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Mesothelioma News

Woman Says Secondary Asbestos Exposure Caused Mesothelioma

Gretna, Louisiana – A woman from St. Tammany Parish has filed a lawsuit against several companies where her ex-husband had worked, alleging that she developed deadly lung cancer because of her exposure to dangerous asbestos fibers carried home by him when coming back from his jobs.

Mrs. Julie Lavigne, individually as well as her minor children’s behalf, filed the lawsuit against Kellogg Brown & Root Incorporated, Shell Oil Co, Shell Chemicals, Shell Chemical Co, Brown & Root Incorporated, Lenny’s Plumbing Incorporated and American Do All Corp. on 18th April in the Twenty-Fourth Judicial Dist. Court.

Lavigne says she shared home with Mr. Michael K Lavigne between 1990 and 2008. Then he was working with ‘Kellogg Brown and Root’ (KBR), Shell Chemicals, Shell Oil Co, and his job included removing insulation and pipes, repairing pipes (which were insulated using asbestos), the suit states. Additionally, he had to handle and remove the asbestos-containing insulation itself.

The plaintiff was diagnosed on 6th August, 2012 with malignant mesothelioma, a fatal cancer developed because of exposure to asbestos fibres, according to the lawsuit.

The defendants allegedly failed: to warn their employees about the health risks linked to asbestos exposure; to warn the employees about the risks associated with carrying asbestos-tainted work clothes home for washing; to give special overalls that could be discarded as the work of the day ends so that home laundering can be avoided; to set up showers at workplace for enabling workers to clean asbestos fibres and dust before moving to home; to advise workers about the dangerous features of asbestos; to implement proper engineering controls for eliminating or significantly reducing the workers’ exposure to the fibres and dust of asbestos; to use safe (asbestos-free) building products and insulation; and to completely isolate work area for preventing asbestos exposure.

The plaintiff suffered immense physical pain, mental pain, emotional distress, and fear of death because of her disease, the suit states. Additionally, she lost enjoyment in life, incurred huge medical costs, lost wages, and lost her earning capacity as a result of her mesothelioma, the plaintiff argues. The plaintiff is seeking unspecified compensation also for disfigurement, physical impairment, embarrassment, mental and physical disability, psychological and emotional distress and anguish, court expenses, and loss of society.

Eric Williams, an attorney from Metairie-based law firm Williams Law Office and Richard Fernandez of Metairie-based Richard J Fernandez are representing the plaintiff in the case.